Goldschmidt 2018 Session: De-oxygenation and organic carbon burial in Earth’s history

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07b: De-oxygenation and organic carbon burial in Earth’s history

The geologic record captures only a portion of the complex biogeochemical interactions involving marine primary productivity and oxygenation. Apparent decoupling between export production in the water column, oxygen content and burial of organic matter as observed in modern environments has led to strong debates on the fidelity of classic productivity (Corg, excess-Ba, barite, organic-P, biogenic SiO2) and redox proxies (Cd, Cr, Mo, Ni, U, V, Zn, FeHR/FeT, Fepyr/FeHR). Disentangling individual processes is often challenging; however, growing interest in proxy development and state-of-the-art analyses has led to major breakthroughs. Inclusive studies are essential to understanding the dynamics of organic matter burial and oxygenation over a range of timescales while using a complementary array of investigative strategies.

This session encourages submissions dealing with four major themes: (i) The reconstruction of hypoxia and anoxia in past and present oceans and their relationship with life; (ii) The development of techniques to reconstruct productivity and redox through time; (iii) Improvements of our understanding of the paleoenvironmental conditions during organic matter accumulation and source rock deposition; (iv) Data and modelling insights into the complexity of physical and biogeochemical processes controlling oxygen distributions; (v) Novel approaches to forecast the evolution of hypoxic and anoxic conditions into our not-too-distant future.

We specifically welcome contributions that highlight the spatial and temporal variability and drivers of (de)oxygenation during the Anthropocene and throughout the Phanerozoic, highlighting extinctions, oceanic anoxic events and other major climatic perturbations associated to large accumulation of carbon in the rock record (e.g. Middle Devonian to Early Mississippian, Late Jurassic, Middle Cretaceous).

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